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Lady Gaga Is Personally Delivering Her New Record in a ‘Chromatica’ Branded Truck (Maybe?)

Anyone with even minimal knowledge of Lady Gaga would say she rarely does anything by the book. In fact, we could proclaim that she eagerly makes a new script each day. The award-winning pop star added a new chapter to her legacy yesterday by making an Instagram post that claims she is delivering her new album "to every retailer around the world" via a branded truck wrapped in "Chromatica" art.

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Delivering #Chromatica myself to every retailer around the world… in Chromatica time and distance do not exist 

A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) onMay 27, 2020 at 12:20pm PDT

The impending disc has already proven dear to the 34-year-old performer, who is calling on a merchandise bundle to try to elevate it to the top of the charts. We would think that, given her superstar status, the work would have stood a great chance of reaching the apex no matter what, but the branded goods and the wrapped truck will certainly give the album more attention and, consequently, sales.

Regarding the bundle, as we noted a couple weeks ago, its contents are diverse enough to merit a few looks, especially if branded underwear is your thing. As for the truck, Lady Gaga proclaimed that the deliveries will be possible because “In ‘Chromatica,’ time and distance do not exist."

Since the sixth album in her canon drops tomorrow, she stands to be a mighty busy, well, lady. Word of the truck became an interesting part of the news cycle yesterday, not only because of its design but also its driver. The former contains album art imagery, and the latter's decision to drive it led the United States of Chromatica Twitter account to have some fun at FedEx's expense.

.@FedEx @FedExHelp this woman almost hit me while driving down my block delivering packages for you. I wrote her plates down just in time.. it read "PSSYWGN" please do something immediately pic.twitter.com/85MTLBiXUf

— United States of Chromatica (@ChromaticaGov) May 27, 2020

While Lady Gaga is certainly not capable of making the deliveries to each global retailer, whatever she pulled off yesterday made for an interesting publicity stunt, not to mention thousands of views for the aforementioned Twitter account and millions for her Instagram post. As we have touched on, calling on a branded vehicle is a solid means to drum up interest for a music-based endeavor, and this one was clear proof that Lady Gaga is not wearing a poker face in expressing her desire for "Chromatica" to be a hit.


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