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Disposable mask


Size 17.5cmx9.5cm, 50 pcs/box, 2000 pcs/carton, disposable masks are divided into disposable three-layer masks, disposable non-woven masks, disposable four-layer masks, disposable activated carbon masks.

The disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper; the disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabric professionally used in medical and health, with an additional layer in the middle to filter and prevent bacteria up to 99 More than% of the filter-dissolved spray cloth is made by ultrasonic welding, and the nose bridge is made of environmentally friendly all-plastic strips, does not contain any metal, and is equipped with permeable steam for comfort. The filtering effect BFE is up to 99%, especially suitable for electronic factories; the disposable activated carbon mask is made of 28 grams of non-woven fabric on the surface, and the first layer in the middle is anti-bacterial filtering paper with anti-bacterial filter paper of 99%, which plays an anti-bacterial role. To prevent virus hazards; the middle second layer is made of new-type high-efficiency adsorption and filtering materials-activated carbon fiber and activated carbon cloth, which has the functions of anti-virus, anti-odor, filter bacteria and dust resistance;

Disposable masks are made of environmentally friendly all-plastic nose bridges. The design of the nose bridge clamp can be adjusted to the most comfortable face according to different face shapes. The inner ultrasonic spot welding is selected, and the ear straps are very firm and not easy to fall.

Disposable masks can be used in electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, locomotives, spray processing, stamping hardware, electroplating, chemical, steel, electric welding, health centers, hand-processing industries, hospitals, Beauty, pharmacy, factory, environmental cleaning, public places, etc. Usage: Hang elastic ears on both ears, with full nose type, lightly press the fixing piece to fix, so that the mask fits the face. Main technical indicators of the product: Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate: >70% benzene adsorption rate: ≥15% resistance: 80% area weight: 35~45g/m2. Remarks: 1. Size: 9CMx17.5 2. Product.

Material characteristics

Everything has its two sides, as is the disposable mask. It has some advantages while also having some disadvantages:


Advantages: Very good ventilation; can filter toxic gases; can keep warm; can absorb water; can be waterproof; flexible; will not be messy; feels very good and quite soft; compared to other masks, the texture is lighter; Very elastic, can be restored after stretching; the price is relatively low, suitable for mass production;


Disadvantages: Compared with other cloth masks, disposable masks cannot be cleaned; because the arrangement of fibers is in a certain direction, they are also easier to be torn apart; compared with other textile cloth masks, the strength and strength of disposable masks are Durability is worse than other masks.

Distinguishment method for disposable masks

Masks are a necessity for people to go out, and masks of every brand are bought by some people. However, since the outbreak, some people have made fake masks for sale, so everyone must know how to distinguish true and false when buying masks. So, do you know how to judge the authenticity of disposable masks? Let's take a look next!

In fact, the purchase of fake masks will also have an impact on your body, so in daily life, everyone should distinguish the true and false masks to avoid being deceived.

The first look at the mask packaging; the second look at the mask printing; the third look at the mask logo. However, it is best to choose genuine products when buying masks, because it is safe and secure.

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