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How does An Infrared Thermometer Work?

Non Contact Thermometers

The world is now more familiar with the benefits of infrared technology and its usefulness in screening body temperature. Because infrared thermometers can read temperatures quickly and accurately without physical contact, more and more people are choosing infrared thermometers. With so many Workplace Safety equipment available, it is important to understand how this technology works and how best to use it.

Traditional mercury thermometers or digital thermometers are used by placing instruments inside objects, usually in the mouth under the tongue.Infrared thermometers, on the other hand, can measure temperature without touching anything (or your body) at all.When triggered, the light bounces off the object's surface and detects the radiation emanating from the object.The thermometer then extrapolates the temperature from this electrical radiation with surprising accuracy.ICI's non-contact thermometers, for example, have accuracy of ±0.3°C /±0.5°F.The accuracy of the thermometer is up to ±0.2°C /±0.4°F, depending on the external environment.It is important to note that these thermometers are measuring skin or surface temperature rather than internal temperature.High temperatures can be caused by a fever or by sitting outside on a hot day.

How does an infrared thermometer work?

Liquid thermometers, usually containing mercury, provide readings when liquid expands due to heat.The RTD digital thermometer contains a sensor that calculates temperature changes.Infrared thermometers are different in that they focus infrared light on an object to detect and measure energy, or radiation, from its surface. The detector then converts the amount of electricity generated into a temperature reading.

How do I use an infrared thermometer?

It is simple to use Non Contact Thermometers to get accurate measurements, but using it correctly is crucial to get the best results.Thermometers, for example, are important.When taking your temperature, the warmest part of your body is actually inside your eyes, not your forehead, as many people commonly think.This is where you should point the thermometer.Interesting fact: This is the most accurate position because the veins extend directly from the aorta of the heart to the inner corner of the eyes.To safely measure the internal CAN temperature, perform the following steps:

  • The patient should remain stable and not walk around.

  • The patient's eyes should be closed while the physician lines them.

  • Physician turns off the laser.

  • Patient reopens his or her eyes.

  • Physician takes the temperature.

Keep in mind that these steps need to be modified for visually impaired or deaf people.Another consideration is that these instruments should be used closely together.Reading the product guide to determine the ideal distance from an object is as important as the object's goal.The spot distance ratio between each device is different, which means that the position needs to be calculated to get an accurate reading of the target area.Too much area outside the desired target will affect the accuracy of the readings.For reference, infrared thermometers require the subject to stand 5 to 15 centimeters from the target.

Digital infrared thermometers, which provide accurate, stable temperature readings, are considered safe and effective.The portable power station can wear a laboratory coat and has a data recorder that can store up to 32 readings and can be set to sound an alarm when reading a specific temperature range.Infrared technology, from thermographs to thermometers, is an extremely effective, safe and useful tool for measuring skin temperature.While the advantages of infrared thermometers make the technology very attractive, it is important to remember that these tools are most effective in the hands of people with the right information and training.Contact us for more information about finding the best infrared products and technologies to meet your needs as well as training and educational opportunities.


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