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What Kind of Garbage Are Masks? Is It Safe After Incineration?

Recently, the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has affected everyone's heart, and various issues about masks have also caused great concern. Especially masks used by infected patients.

How to deal with used masks? Disposable face mask manufacturer shares this article with you.

What kind of waste is the mask used by the infected person?

First of all, the medical waste generated by medical and health institutions is hazardous waste and cannot be discarded at will.

Medical waste is divided into five categories: infectious waste, pathological waste, traumatic waste, pharmaceutical waste, and chemical waste.

Infectious waste refers to medical waste that carries pathogenic microorganisms and has the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

The medical waste generated this time in response to the new coronavirus pneumonia is classified as infectious waste.

In addition to masks, what other infectious wastes are there?

Items contaminated by the patient’s blood, body fluids, and excreta, including: a cotton balls, cotton swabs, drainage slivers, gauze and various other dressings; b disposable sanitary products, disposable medical supplies and disposable medical devices; c Discarded bedclothes; d Other items contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids, and excrement.

Domestic garbage produced by isolated patients with infectious diseases or patients with suspected infectious diseases admitted to medical institutions.

Pathogen's culture media, specimens, bacteria, and virus seeds.

Various discarded medical specimens.

Waste blood and serum.

Disposable medical supplies and disposable medical devices after use.

Is the waste generated in the hospital all medical waste?

Not all. For example, all kinds of glass or disposable plastic infusion bottles (bags) after use, and medical supplies that are not contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids, or excreta are not classified as medical waste and do not need to be managed as medical waste. But this kind of waste cannot be used for the original purpose when it is recycled, and when used for other purposes, it should conform to the principle of not harming human health. Household waste generated in hospitals is generally not managed as medical waste.

Why should the generated hazardous waste be collected separately?

Separate collection is conducive to the treatment, disposal and resource utilization of hazardous waste, while reducing potential hazards to the environment. Mixing them without knowing the characteristics and ingredients of hazardous wastes will not only increase the amount of hazardous wastes treated and disposed of, but the mixing of hazardous wastes will also cause reactions such as explosions and release of toxic gases. These potential side reactions can not only cause environmental pollution, but also It will also make the handling and disposal of hazardous waste more difficult.

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Is medical waste safe after incineration?

The incineration of medical waste will inevitably produce bottom slag and fly ash. The "National Catalogue of Hazardous Wastes" clearly stipulates that the fly ash generated during the disposal of hazardous waste incineration and pyrolysis is hazardous waste. Therefore, the fly ash generated by the incineration of medical waste is hazardous Waste; but the bottom slag needs to be identified to determine whether it is hazardous waste.

So what kind of garbage do used masks belong to?

Answer: The used masks need to be classified according to different situations.

The first category: If it is a mask used by ordinary healthy people, it is recommended to fold it neatly and put it in other trash cans.

The second category: If it is a mask used by people with infectious diseases or other physical diseases, it is recommended to sterilize the mask and wrap the discarded mask in a sealed bag, and then put it in a special medical trash can.

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