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KN95 vs N95 vs FFP2

With the global outbreak of the new COVID-19, it is understandable for many people to worry about their health and safety. In this article, the KN95 face mask china supplier will tell the difference between N95.KN95 and FFP2 mask filtering standards.

1. Standard

A. The United States. The most commonly discussed type of respirator is N95. This is an American standard managed by NIOSH-part of the Center for Disease Control.

B. Two different standards are used in Europe. The filtered face score (FFP) comes from EN Standard 149:2001. Then the en143 standard Covers P1, P2, P3 ratings. Both standards are maintained by CEN (European Committee for Standardization).

C. In China, there are reasons to believe that China’s KN95, AS/NZ P2, South Korea’s first level, and Japan’s DS FFRs are equivalent to the United States’ NIOSH N95 and European FFP2 respirator

2. Filtration performance

Let's compare the different standards:

Respirator standard and filter capacity (can remove x% particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or larger)

FFP2 at least 94%

N95 and KN95 at least 95%

KN95 Face Mask

KN95 Face Mask

3. Valve and valveless respirator

(+ve) A valved respirator makes breathing easier. This makes them more comfortable to wear and reduces the accumulation of moisture in the respirator.

The problem with (-ve) valved respirators is that they do not filter the wearer's exhalation, only the inhalation.

In a situation like Covid-19, protection puts others around the wearer at risk. It is for this reason that valved respirators are not used in hospitals and other medical practices.

4. Can the virus mask stops the COVID-19?

Yes, they can prevent liquids and splashes from entering your eyes, nose, and mouth due to coughing, sneezing, and other liquids.

The mask is made of  nonwoven sterile , which can prevent respiratory droplets (coughing, sneezing, and other liquids) from entering the mouth, eyes, and nose. This is how the coronavirus spreads.

FFP2 Mask

FFP2 Mask

5. Please note

These masks are thicker than ordinary medical masks. However, they need to be installed properly, and they are not designed for use for a long time. The average wearing time is 30 minutes. If the face is wet or dirty, it can be disposed of. A typical breathing face mask can be used for more than a week. Wear it when you are close to other people, such as in the office or on public transportation.

Some users have difficulty breathing. If you have a beard or beard stubble, you cannot wear N95, KN95, and FFP2 masks.

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